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The Holiwater Project band is a collective of artists from the UK, India and New Zealand. The installation-live show was created as a response to the music of Deb Das & Kannai Baul, the principle characters the documentary film Holiwater is based on. The performances aim at bringing an experience of the river to audiences.

The intention is to inform, entertain and inspire positive action around issues relating to water. The music and film work is staged in hybrid environments and performed by artists Tom Bailey, Vikash & Prabash Maharaj and James Pinker along with the music of the Bauls.

The show is a public installation work conceived and directed by photographer & video artist Andrei Jewell. Performances regularly feature guest artists from India, New Zealand, U.K. and the U.S.

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©2014 Thompson Twins Tom Bailey | all rights reserved | email: info@thompsontwins.co.uk
New Zealand culture has a long history of appreciation for reggae and dub, along with more recent blends like hip hop. this, along with NZ's balmy climes, created the perfect inspiration for Tom's exploration of the dub artform he had deeply loved since the seething post-punk infatuation of the music in the late 70s. Together with sparring partner Rakai, Tom initiated International Observer, a sound system that has quietly infiltrated various Auckland events over the past five years, creating a legendary reputation for marathon five-hour sets of exquisitely-crafted slo-mo dubscapes.

Early in 2002, having amassed enough material for a boxed set, Tom set about pruning the oevre down to an ideal International Observer primer, called 'Seen'. It's been called the lushest, deepest, most caringly crafted dub-a-tronic exploration ever released, a cunning experiment in melodic instrumental dub that, without losing its edge, makes for the most gorgeously seductive meditative listening experience.

'Seen' was followed in 2005 by "All Played Out", a selection of live and sound system favourites that for one reason or another did not make it onto IO's debut album. It was released only in New Zealand and Australia.

Some of the tracks from "All Played Out" finally made it out worldwide in 2007 on the "Heard" album. Critically acclaimed by the press, it also featured newer tracks and classics such as "The International".

2009 saw the release of "Felt" described as an astonishing, bewildering, menacing electronic sound combined with horns, echo's and deep bass making it what can be deemed as a "must have" dub classic.

International Observers latest release entitled "Touched" will be a compilation of remixed tracks from the last 15 years by the likes of Bic Runga, Stellar*, Pitch Black and his son Jacksons' acclaimed "Tapes" project.

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Babble were an electronic dance music group that featured the remaining Thompson Twins (Tom Bailey and Alannah Currie) and Keith Fernley who had worked on the Thompson Twins album "Big Trash" (1989) as an engineer and mixer and on the album "Queer" 1991 where he was credited as producer.

The first appearence of any Babble material was found on the soundtrack for the movie 'Coneheads', a track called 'Chale Jao'.

They released two albums, 'The Stone' (1994) and 'Ether' (1996) which spawned four singles, 'Tribe', 'Take Me Away', 'Beautiful' and 'Love Has No Name'. Babbles music was often described as containing Trippy dance beats combined with hypnotic and ambient overtones.

The stellar* stats speak for themselves: seven Top 20 singles, three top 10 albums (including two at No. 1), more than 100,000 units sold, tours across New Zealand, Australia, Germany and the UK, and their four mantelpiece's full of NZ Music Awards.

At a time when New Zealand music struggled for airplay, stellar* burst on to the scene with five radio hits in 18 months - Violent, What You Do (Bastard), Undone, Every Girl, and Part of Me - their blend of rock and electronica on 1999's Mix album (produced by Tom Bailey) capturing the imagination of young musicians and concert-goers.

Their reputation as innovative hit makers was embedded with All It Takes, Taken and Star off 2001's Magic Line album, and For A While and Whiplash off 2006's Something Like Strangers. Stellar* became Sony NZ's highest selling Kiwi band. In October 2010, stellar* released an 18-track Best Of album (featuring new single So Alive) which coincided with their farewell tour.

New projects and directions are now attracting the band's enthusiasm, with Runga's successful solo career and jewellery range releasing internationally, van de Geer and Maclaren's expanding production and songwriting interests, and Shanks' own album released in 2012.

other projects
bailey-salgado project
The Bailey-Salgado Project is an audiovisual ensemble formed in 2010 by musician and composer Tom Bailey (Thompson Twins/Babble, International Observer) and Adler Planetarium astronomer and visual artist José Francisco Salgado. They combine music with photography, video, and motion graphics to create multimedia works that have as subject the physical world.

Their goal is to communicate science through art and inspire audience members to learn more about Earth and the Universe. Their presentations feature high-definition video projection, live and pre-recorded music, as well as short introductions to the science content and creative process behind their works.

On 27 October 2010 the Bailey-Salgado Project previewed their first work, Sidereal Motion, at the Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution in Bath, England with Bailey improvising on keyboard.

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